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Ye Olde Junk-a-Thon, Trading Post

(with Time Tunnel)

Come see the Amazing Feet, whiskers–


No, really.  If you wanna just get out of the house, rifle through some garage sale items, vintage clothes, comic books, ART, fortune eggs, puppet kits, unique stencil-covered wearable objects… and/or converse with neighborly types + iguana-dog-cats, crawl through a tunnel into the land of the future, enter other mystical portals, etc., we’ll be here.  Probably’ll have goodies to eat, on the grill, as well.  Bring your ham or pemmican, currency or other goods to trade.*  10am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday.  Rain or Shine!

*If you are BARTER inclined, I know that I for one (Amanda), could certainly use: flower pots/planters, cinder blocks, mortar, rocks, plants, soil, etc.  Chad mainly needs currency and/or publishing connections, since he is about to get a bunch of teeth pulled; but, he might trade for some awesome old magazines or picture books.  I’m not too sure about the druthers of Lori, Leah and Kevin, who are bringing stuff to sell, but if you are totally broke and have nothing to trade, you can still come and just enjoy the festivities and weird landscape!

2608B Rogers Ave.       – right across from Campbell Elementary School –fortunebus



wishing THE title COULD BE a picture

Check out new “About SynsthticBrkfst” page.

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I’m getting into motion.

new look may be temporary; but it’s Spring!

So, clarity is coming soon.  Scheduled to arrive pronto.  I have been browsing the available “themes” to see if any would make it any easier to consolidate the multiple facets of this blog! (Is it a personal photo journal or community organizing tool?  Information for people curious about astrology, or exposition on the particular kind of art I make and enjoy and how I see it as an instrument of social change?)   As far as the organizing tool goes, there might need to be a new page– something simple and solid but “evolvable” — otherwise it feels me-centric, which is not what I’m aiming for.  Something less personal/more  than a blog, but easy to use (I am  DONE wrestling with Dreamweaver), and accessible to other people’s input.  Any suggestions?

What do you want to learn? What do you want to teach?

(Thank you, Landon, for crystallizing this thought through conversation.)

<______This post is a form_______>

The purpose is to figure out what you would want to teach
and what you would want to learn at the School without Walls.

Read my lists, then write your own lists, in a comment trail…
! !



_Language practice, cultural educations
_Tap-dancing, other dance forms (p.s. there is a “Folk Dancing” class at Hancock Activity Center; I will go if someone else goes)
_Environmental sciences (soil testing, pruning, landscape tips, how to tend a wild-scape as well as garden plants, etc.!!!)_Local history
_How to fix sewing machines
_Computer video editing
_Animating on the computer
_How to cook awesome amazing Indian food or other healthy special treats.
_something that you want to teach?
Oh, so many other things!  (I will keep editing my lists)

WANT TO / WILLING TO TEACH (or facilitate)

_painting or drawing
_astrology as a language and a tool for understanding
_dance/movement exercises (for healing, expression)
_recycling unusual trash items into art/craft objects
_Life Questions
_synaesthesia / hybrid art forms / brain stretching
_puppet show creation
_music notation
_ ?


is my favorite word again.

Off the Top of My Head

Ahh, it’s good to get some March rain.  Spring is supposed to be messy.  So, though I was planning to do my first mortar-collage (mosaic experiment) this Sunday or Monday, I’ll just have to wait and see.

Here are some ideas of what I hope to bring to this blog soon, and also to physical reality:

  1. An interview with Laura, Tony and Paul of the Neighborhood Acupuncture Project! (I volunteer there in exchange for treatments)
  2. Junk-a-Thon product previews (photos), like some of the finished products from last week’s stencil session, plus other stuff we will be peddling.
  3. An “Art Project Archive” page (my version of a Curriculum Vitae or artist’s resume)
  4. A hard-copy pamphlet/info-sheet that explains this whole constellation of community projects I’m startin’.  (ready by Junk-a-thon, 3/28)
  5. Soil Testing===  I want to test the soil on our lot to see what’s in it (nutrients, pollutants, elements).  I really know nothing about how to do this, so I’m just asking around.  Whatever I learn, I will share here!
  6. Speaking of sharing, part of my make-share-learn-teach mission (hey that kind of has a ring to it…) is:  I want to make skills and knowledge available to others.  So, one way of doing this is to video-document (thanks Wendy!) whenever I have someone over doing a demo or workshop, or whenever I track down a soil expert, etc.  I am a total novice at holding a video camera, and I’m about to teach myself  how to edit.  That said, documenting is one area I welcome help in!  And, look forward to a freeskoolatx YouTube channel!
  7. Oral history projects, more interviews, neighborhood research and connecting (going local!)
  8. More dancing, and a Litterbug Jitterbug (Chad’s idea of a trash pick-up parade made fun)…
  9. Community quilt progress (starting this weekend?)
  10. A silkscreen workshop or demo would be an awesome follow-up to stencilling.
  11. Mm, a cooking class?
  12. More information for astrology clients!

For the present moment, I am watching the rain.

A good day’s work




Lots to report today;

We are on a roll !

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Got started this morning with a gust of Lori 16mm, who came by to create marvelous
stenciled artistic creations on clothing,
filling up the reserves for 3 weeks from now when the Art-Hungry Populace comes to Ye Olde

With finesse and furious pizazze, she filled up one+ clothesline with wearable art.  Chad and I made some, too.

loriawesome3 loriaction2


Then, with batch #1 drying, spray paint cans were removed and additional supplies were found in preparation for the kids’ Art Class.

Not long after school let out across the street, Patrick, Marina, and Jennifer showed up to learn how to make Stencil Art!  I demonstrated the process, from finding a surface/cloth, to choosing a stencil or a flattish object, to applying paint, and hanging to dry.  Marina and Jennifer worked nonstop for an hour on all sorts of colorful designs; Patrick made a new stencil, of the letter “P”, with the help of Chad, who also took these photos:




*     *       *       *        *       *         *         *         *        *       *       *        *       *       *         *        *      *        *        *       *       *       *

So, pretty good format for a day.  Maybe we can get someone to come help do screenprinting on another Monday?

If not that, we’ll definitely be at work again next Monday, perhaps on the first mortar-and-object collage.

And Saturdays!  The Quilt-Sewing gatherings must start!  I think Saturday afternoon might be a good time for me (or maaaybe Monday nights).  We’ll just get together, share our sewing skills, design a quilt, work on individual picture-squares, and put it all together.  We don’t have to meet every Saturday, just when people don’t have better things to do.

Sundays are our great Clean-up days.  I didn’t get pictures, but there was some fun Boy Scouting type of activities yesterday, as Jeremiah, Patrick and Brer-John explored into the thickets of the backyard and learned about some of the differences between live plants and dead ones.  There just might be a garden sprouting up soon!

P.S.  I am having trouble formatting this page!