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Working On…

I just put a lot of time+energy into a big fun group project: The Teeny-Tiny Diorama-rama ZOO, at Co-Lab.  It turned out really well; I’ll have some photos and video up here pretty soon!

Also in the works: Interviews #1 and #2.  I am bringing interviews to this website as a way to share with people some current examples of projects and approaches which are inspiring, educational, and “evolutionary”.  To that end, you will see and read about the various beautiful DIY outdoor projects that Scott and Jen Webel have undertaken in the transformative stewardship of their yard.  Then, a conversation with the acupuncturists at Neighborhood Acupuncture Project, who are part of the movement to make acupuncture accessible to all through community-style treatment.  Evolution!

Even more going on: Junk-a-Thon #6 is right around the corner — June 13th & 14th!  And I shore do want to start working on a puppet show soon.  And bicycle choreography.  Woo-hoo, summer!



marblerally a favorite student piece from the American Youth works show … made for marbles as a metaphor for life.



Coming Soon: A talk with Scott and Jen of the Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata about the evolution of their Outdoor Paradise.



Daily Morsels

Yep, my goal is to add a morsel-a-day.  (Instead of nothing for weeks and then an avalanche.)

So here ya go!  May 19th:


New Stories



Lance & Eathin & Ruby’s #i

Lance & Ethan & Ruby’s (#1)


For $100 I Can Make something Happen this week.

If I were on the Community Improvements “task force”, there would be:

-more plants
– outdoor municipal joys (cement-works, interactive, sculpture, events)

At the top of my list of projects are: “The Movable Fence” (get the kids to make mazes, corral dogs/people) – AND – an outdoor sink! that works (connected to hose, to wall) and can encourage art projects and plant irrigation

(details/photo forthcoming)

[And the summer puppet show is really happening.  summ months.
I’m writing short scripts/scenarios.  ((CASTING CALL))
maybe will need to workshop summa these _____.

Basically, In case you are wondering about the School>> we are in a building infrastructure stage.  Art must flourish~ relationships be watered~ compost taken care of lovingly, … materials put to good use.  There are a lot of people living here now, including some recent arrivals and their various regular visitors.,,  so, sometimes punctuation gets flipped, and we go on and try to catch up on chores.  But conversation does get made, there is a new puppy, and now it’s getting hot so the AC’s are on and loud.  And those Cats!  It has been announced: A Puppet Show!

+ you will soon see a FREE IDEAS (for a free school) section of the website