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The Art of Found:



ImageImageImagemmm…  this tangle of stuff just hits my aesthetic tastebuds in the right place.

I had a few helpers at the RE-aRT studio last OdD SaTUrdAy, and got them to take some Art of Found pictures, too:

ImageBatman is fighting the scary purple tentacles, and dodging the dangerous metal spirals!  (photo by Jennifer Jarding)

ImageAnd here we have an obelisk with a face: the personality of the tree coming through, contradicting the squareness with a deep story… (photo by Shane Roach)





She’s a Real Winner

ImageThank you mom! 


Paper chains and body doubles: The art of Silky Shoemaker

This just-recently-passed E.A.S.T. (east austin studio tour), I received an invite to visit the bungalow/studio of Silky.  It had been quite awhile since I’d seen her or her work; years, in fact!  So I plotted her location into my bike-steering device and rolled on down the hill…   Well, I was pleasantly reassured to see that she is still making ultra-fancy fantasy worlds with handmade-textural and maximally-detailed effects.  And oh, the motifs!

Check it out:


image c. Silky Shoemaker, 2011


Recent photos



Hello Again!

Well, I guess I took the rest of the summer off from blogging.  Oops!  There’s a lot to catch up on.  And some reorganization of things (but I’ll stick with this theme).

For now, please enjoy the murky-bright colors of this TIMELY flier (made by Chad and me)…

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1517" title="<(( ))>” src=”” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”387″ />

Art for Walls

collages/mix-media art Pieces
are sitting around my house,
waiting to be adopted by someone.

My prices are indecently low.

There is also a bulging pile of
ready to become new art,
(as soon as I

-book a new show and/or clear out some of this old stuff…

Do not hesitate to mention
if you like a Piece!

*I also sell framed prints of some of the           photo-collages                seen on this blog.




Oh I also absolutely adore     Peer Reviews   (absurd/ analytical/ thoughtful), added on to the “Comments” of my blog posts,

because 1- I like to read
and 2- I am kind of like a flower, who needs attention in order to bloom.

I pay for peer reviews (if they took you over 30 minutes to write) in ATEN Hours.

Recent Pictures

monster legs for sale




Office Makeover Proposal




— —|==– [i n t e r m i s s i o n] –==+> —


Now these are all from the last Junkathon time:



we do interior decorating...

Some tags I’ve liked

Some All of the accompanying artworks are still available!

Pretty decent pricing, wouldn’t you say?

Galloping past

Things I haven’t posted about yet:

— PowerPoint Presentation report-back

— fashion show link (btw, it’s sold out) and process pics

— jumping in to the San Marcos river from a foot bridge and feeling time slow down

— the SUSTAINABILTY ART SHOW Call For Art : : “What the Process Looks Like” – deadline to send jpg’s (up to 10) of art/? evidence of a process is Friday the 13th to

— and of course, pictures!

W/ Chad Hopper @ Cheer Up Charlie’s