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Video fun

Well, Chad has been busier with video editing than I have, so you should check out palfloat’s YouTube channel next:

He re-edited footage from the Alien Eyes movie, and set it to a track from the new Night Viking album (KCF).

Oh boy, gettin’ excited about next weekend’s Junkyard Casserole @ Cherrywood!  Come out between 9 and 9 on Sat., 12 and 6 on Sunday…



I’m in video class now.

So, watch this link, and repeat, because there will be more and more as I sort through old bits, make new ones, and gradually dig myself out from under the to-do notes.

(Music+performance, music videos, art-in-motion, abstract stories, evolution arts, “ridiculous work”, P.S.A.s)

Also on the plate, Extreme Weather Studio 3.0 …  I need a large amount of fantastic material (canvas?) to sew up a new roof for my poor workshop before winter.  And to start constructing Mini’s Theater.