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love letter for CHad chaired


Bearded Lady

The Bearded Lady Print Shop had a birthday party last weekend, with an art show by lots of their (and my) friends.  Fun and beauty-filled!  Here is a picture of a diorama that they have… I am a sucker for little plastic animals.


Doctor Clown’s Cure For Boredom

A large rectangular cardboard box, containing  a folded “game board” and a bag filled with little “game pieces”.  However, there are no instructions except: 1) Make up a game to play, -or- 2) Arrange the pieces in a way that suits your fancy!

Cloth samples, rocks in netting, tiny orange traffic cones, bottle lids filled with various colors and textures, a nun and a duck (or other surprises).


Order one soon and it’ll be ready in about a month!

Quilt story


Who wants to learn how to sew?  Who already knows how to sew and wants to help make a quilt by meeting weekly or almost weekly?  I have materials!  And a re-arranged living room that would be a great meeting place.  Let’s make a Visions for the Future quilt!

Progress Report

    progressreportSaturday was scheduled to be the day for an art lesson with Marina and Patrick.  We are working on a banner, so we are studying the essentials of good sign-making, as well as practicing “loose”, “from the arm” control of the pencil. (So you can write BIG as well as small.  Focusing on the whole shape.)  Next week I plan to incorporate some “text in the environment” photos from library books; we will keep expanding our minds about SHAPES!

      Meanwhile, the shapes in my brain have been moving and clarifying… With accompanying words to describe them!  Stay posted for a new page, called “School Without Walls -> Recycling Arts Center -> Good Building : THE PLAN“.  I am creating a time-line of Vision: sub-visions.

      • Things that I want to happen really soon:  Quilting bee / sewing circle and  Quickrete/mortar/rock/mosaic action and Plants!



      (love all around)



      Hmm… not sure, not sure.  What do yous think?

      Clover Potential

      cloverpotentialThe ground is mainly dead and full of rocks and glass… but add a little regular water, and voila! clover patches.

      P.S. :  If you come to help clean up the yard, you might want to wear an apron, in which to collect bits and trash.  This is a sample of what you will find.  Oh, the mosaics to be made!


      Awards Ceremony

      On Sunday, February 8th, we had the very first Backyard Assembly.  On the agenda was 1) Muffins, 2) Awards Ceremony, and 3) Announcement of Intentions.

      Marina and Patrick were awarded the Young Scientists Award, for successful plant growing and creative use of materials.*  Molly and Twyla were awarded the Art + Heart award for loving animals, finding good things to collect, and making art every day.  (Molly accepted the award for both of them since Twyla had the flu.)

      The intentions that were announced were: 1)  I am planning to start a school without walls.  I will be outside cleaning the grounds on Sunday mornings for sure (other days randomly, like Wednesdays) and weekly meetings will be held Sundays after noon.  I can guarantee a fun activity or workshop going on every other Saturday, starting the 21st of Feb. !  2)  I requested the assistance of Marina and Patrick in helping to make our environment healthier.  3) I gave an Emancipet calendar to Molly & Twyla, so that they may start to comprehend time a little bit, and help me plan stuff when I am with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

      Patrick wanted to know:  “Is the school going to have vending machines?”  Good question!  Even better, we’re going to have a garden!  Fresh snap peas taste like pure sugar.

      Linda Kelsey-Jones officiated over the ceremony, Chad Hopper took photos, Zoe Rose glowed, and Chips Guthrie tried to get the muffins.

      *I have a picture here that is proof of Marina and Patrick (and Jennifer) ‘s “creative use of materials”.

      Look at this playground they made!


      Purple & magenta


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