Documenting Change @ RE-aRT

new look may be temporary; but it’s Spring!

So, clarity is coming soon.  Scheduled to arrive pronto.  I have been browsing the available “themes” to see if any would make it any easier to consolidate the multiple facets of this blog! (Is it a personal photo journal or community organizing tool?  Information for people curious about astrology, or exposition on the particular kind of art I make and enjoy and how I see it as an instrument of social change?)   As far as the organizing tool goes, there might need to be a new page– something simple and solid but “evolvable” — otherwise it feels me-centric, which is not what I’m aiming for.  Something less personal/more  than a blog, but easy to use (I am  DONE wrestling with Dreamweaver), and accessible to other people’s input.  Any suggestions?


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