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(tem’per) 1. noun 2. verb

Wow! Watch out,
Mars energy!

Spring is war and lust and baby birds and spores.

A thought to <TEMPER> that hot metal with=
Libra’s temperance!
(Aries’ opposite)

Name some Allies. – – Who are you an ally to?

It’s the way we keep hold, balance out the energies; after a passionate push away, a strike out -> breathe and reach out, finding common interests, building on trust, judging fairly, learning that you are willing to sacrifice certain small ego-based things for peace and prosperity.


Getting better


..What’s New.?

Doesn’t the word New look really weird when you stare at it for 3 seconds?

There are people outside my house wearing mirrors on a Friday night.

We (my honey + me) have a New office.
(it’s much more fun to rearrange the furniture when your furniture is just make-shift parts & pieces.)

It’s ARIES time!

I have a New way of showing you things, as my old way has died (and yet to be restored completely).

Here (hear):

Let me Show You:

Though I don’t have Photoshop at the moment, I Do have my SCANNER/

/ // / / // / (CAL|BRAT|NG)/ // / // / // -=

((and feedback screams from another room, another house…))

Now, here’s Something From the Past:

Scan #2: two Old photos, of the traditional sense.  [yes I have a thing or two to learn about preventing dust speck-age;]

Top photo from IT’S ABOUT TIME (l_m_n_l 4:2008); bottom from TURNING POINTS (Co-Lab 12:2008).  The nice thing about physical object photos (vs. digital files) is how they can end up in shuffled stacks, and then two will get together like this and share a harmonious moment.

more soon!

Holy Moly!

It’s been over a month!  OH MY GOD!

My computer is currently in a chamber where it will experience a major-organ transplant which will cost me a few hundred buckaroos.  Feel free to send donations of cash, check or money order to 2608B Rogers Ave. Austin, TX 78722.  You will receive boundless gratitude, which is a highly valuable intangible!

I am using Chad’s computer for the moment.  I am mac and he is PC.  Right-handed, left-handed.  Anyway, I’d love to show you some of the newest photos that have come into existence, evidence from the recent fabulous COME FORT ABLE OBJECTS show, but I  don’t know about this Gimp thing.  It won’t let me do the usual resizing and pasting-together that I usually do on Photoshop.

Therefore, we take what we can get.  How about this.  Remember this?

It snowed, on a Tuesday (2/23).  I spent that day working on art.

And, just the weekend before that:

a sunny old Junk-a-thon.  Wow.

Okay, I’ll be back soon!  Not to fret.