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2011 Intentions

(preface–  I need a laser-pointer mouse that attaches to one finger, so I can gesture at the wall and click like a castanet player.  Has anyone invented that yet?)


Introduction – –
… Excuses, excuses …

We are observing the duality of existence

via a tussle between The Urge to Organize

and The Stream of Consciousness.

PROCLAMATION: “Then Hereby Be It Known That This is Amanda’s Year To ”

2011 is my year to... and now I will Elaborate slightly on Items 1 & 4 & 6.

Column I:                         Column II:
make books                      focus on writing cohesively
art objects                         writing with goals in mind, such as a grant
collaging notes                 organizing thoughts
write letters                      blog= structure, format, place to deliver installments of meaningful words
ITEM OF BUSINESS #1:  List Of Various Blog Topics and Sub-Topics

Luckily, I can come back to this post later and add that.  For now, Good Night!

(afterword– Or, how about a keyboard-device that is wearable and allows you to swing your arms while typing?  Someone, please invent that, too. (Thanks!))


Random Post for the Helluvit

So, basically, this is what my art is like.  Take it or leave it, world.


I’m in video class now.

So, watch this link, and repeat, because there will be more and more as I sort through old bits, make new ones, and gradually dig myself out from under the to-do notes.

(Music+performance, music videos, art-in-motion, abstract stories, evolution arts, “ridiculous work”, P.S.A.s)

Also on the plate, Extreme Weather Studio 3.0 …  I need a large amount of fantastic material (canvas?) to sew up a new roof for my poor workshop before winter.  And to start constructing Mini’s Theater.

Galloping past

Things I haven’t posted about yet:

— PowerPoint Presentation report-back

— fashion show link (btw, it’s sold out) and process pics

— jumping in to the San Marcos river from a foot bridge and feeling time slow down

— the SUSTAINABILTY ART SHOW Call For Art : : “What the Process Looks Like” – deadline to send jpg’s (up to 10) of art/? evidence of a process is Friday the 13th to

— and of course, pictures!


Chad has instituted a new system of rating little sentimental “STUFF” + things on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being RED HOT, CAN’T POSSIBLY PART WITH.  This is to help us pare down our wild collections to  more manageable menageries of bric a brac, by eliminating anything under a “6” on the new scale.

Meanwhile, I’m just going around taking pictures again. “Oo, look how pretty it all is together!”

Like so.

Kan you see the kangaroo theme?

New Plants

It SEEMS like every growing season, I notice new species of plants popping up that I haven’t seen before.

This one was new LAST season (was that in the fall?):

If anyone who is looking at this is a botanist or something, please comment.

So here are the newcomers in the yard:


(tem’per) 1. noun 2. verb

Wow! Watch out,
Mars energy!

Spring is war and lust and baby birds and spores.

A thought to <TEMPER> that hot metal with=
Libra’s temperance!
(Aries’ opposite)

Name some Allies. – – Who are you an ally to?

It’s the way we keep hold, balance out the energies; after a passionate push away, a strike out -> breathe and reach out, finding common interests, building on trust, judging fairly, learning that you are willing to sacrifice certain small ego-based things for peace and prosperity.

Getting better


Holy Moly!

It’s been over a month!  OH MY GOD!

My computer is currently in a chamber where it will experience a major-organ transplant which will cost me a few hundred buckaroos.  Feel free to send donations of cash, check or money order to 2608B Rogers Ave. Austin, TX 78722.  You will receive boundless gratitude, which is a highly valuable intangible!

I am using Chad’s computer for the moment.  I am mac and he is PC.  Right-handed, left-handed.  Anyway, I’d love to show you some of the newest photos that have come into existence, evidence from the recent fabulous COME FORT ABLE OBJECTS show, but I  don’t know about this Gimp thing.  It won’t let me do the usual resizing and pasting-together that I usually do on Photoshop.

Therefore, we take what we can get.  How about this.  Remember this?

It snowed, on a Tuesday (2/23).  I spent that day working on art.

And, just the weekend before that:

a sunny old Junk-a-thon.  Wow.

Okay, I’ll be back soon!  Not to fret.

Zine-y bean

Yes! I love crossing things off the list.

This is a special sneaky peek (note: best set list ever, center) at what has gone into the production of the latest Night Viking & Friends album, Side Sauce.  Inside a tidy vinyl sleeve, you get a b+w version of this “map”, with a collaborative crazy collage on the back, PLUS full-color front+back covers, and 31 TRACKS of awesome/inane sonic boom.  I said BOOM.

Aww, look how slick they are!

Oh right! and back to that subject that I mentioned in the title, Ziney-zines.  This project gave me a good vision and a process that I can use to accomplish my goals for The Lost Art (of)’s recordings.

[At some point a while back, I decided to make a February/Valentines’ mix this year, both to honor the Chi-do tradition* that has been dormant for some years, and to have a “gift” available for my audience at SVT on 2-14. Then– I added on to that ambition a desire to create xerox-copied booklets as accompaniment to the Recordings — to house extra stories, to indulge my urges to explain, to save honorable intentions from un-crossed off lists, and, of course, to design.  Lovefully…]

Cutting and pasting is fun!  Email me to order Side Sauce or to pre-order the February Mix.

*It’s a long story…