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Off the Top of My Head

Ahh, it’s good to get some March rain.  Spring is supposed to be messy.  So, though I was planning to do my first mortar-collage (mosaic experiment) this Sunday or Monday, I’ll just have to wait and see.

Here are some ideas of what I hope to bring to this blog soon, and also to physical reality:

  1. An interview with Laura, Tony and Paul of the Neighborhood Acupuncture Project! (I volunteer there in exchange for treatments)
  2. Junk-a-Thon product previews (photos), like some of the finished products from last week’s stencil session, plus other stuff we will be peddling.
  3. An “Art Project Archive” page (my version of a Curriculum Vitae or artist’s resume)
  4. A hard-copy pamphlet/info-sheet that explains this whole constellation of community projects I’m startin’.  (ready by Junk-a-thon, 3/28)
  5. Soil Testing===  I want to test the soil on our lot to see what’s in it (nutrients, pollutants, elements).  I really know nothing about how to do this, so I’m just asking around.  Whatever I learn, I will share here!
  6. Speaking of sharing, part of my make-share-learn-teach mission (hey that kind of has a ring to it…) is:  I want to make skills and knowledge available to others.  So, one way of doing this is to video-document (thanks Wendy!) whenever I have someone over doing a demo or workshop, or whenever I track down a soil expert, etc.  I am a total novice at holding a video camera, and I’m about to teach myself  how to edit.  That said, documenting is one area I welcome help in!  And, look forward to a freeskoolatx YouTube channel!
  7. Oral history projects, more interviews, neighborhood research and connecting (going local!)
  8. More dancing, and a Litterbug Jitterbug (Chad’s idea of a trash pick-up parade made fun)…
  9. Community quilt progress (starting this weekend?)
  10. A silkscreen workshop or demo would be an awesome follow-up to stencilling.
  11. Mm, a cooking class?
  12. More information for astrology clients!

For the present moment, I am watching the rain.


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