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New Plants

It SEEMS like every growing season, I notice new species of plants popping up that I haven’t seen before.

This one was new LAST season (was that in the fall?):

If anyone who is looking at this is a botanist or something, please comment.

So here are the newcomers in the yard:



Mmm.. Food for the Brain

At Polly’s Christmoose party the other night, someone brought a stack of these revolutionary-looking newspapers:

I only grabbed one, though I knew there was a strong chance that I would want to distribute them once I got into it.   And it’s true!  It’s good, serious writing by many different contributors, about art and work, about what artists’ work has been throughout the last century, what we are doing now, and reimagining our roles within a shifting economy… All kinds of stuff.  I would like to give a copy to every college art student, working artist, wannabe artist, or artist/activist A.S.A.P.

Luckily, there’s a website:

Particularly accessible is this series of “Personal Economies” written by different Anonymous artists/writers.  (You can read them on the website.)