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Tonight! Tonight.

<> <> Work Party <> <>

Location: 2608 Rogers Ave. 78722.  Park either on the street or in back lot (accessible from alley on Walnut Ave.).
7:30 -til- 10:30 -or- whenever you need to go!

(This is the announcement I wrote for broadcast on the Austin Time Exchange Network:

Like a barn-raising, only it’s a Studio + Puppet Theater (outdoors).  I am an artist who is currently “thinking-in-terms-of-the-collective”, as I move in the direction of creating a new “place”.  Much effort is required at this stage; creative collaboration is invited! (Think: public art [etc]. in a yard.)

The organization follows a steady diet of Improvisational Planning, …
and will provide:
music, bug-spray, herbal iced tea, a bunch of wood pallets to arrange, tools and supplies,
(+ If you want to: Bring something that you think would make a good “materials organizer” or puppet.

Also expect:
comraderie, good ideas, and exchanges!

I think that 8 o’clock is really the ideal time (lately) to get started on outside work.
That leaves little time to work on stuff!
Thus the need for a barn-raising!
“Hey, you need help too?  Maybe we’ll all go to your garden next week!”


1/2 Report

team chamanda:








Performances Upcoming

Well, ya just stay busy don’t you?

That’s my answer to a lot of questions right now.

And it’s still exciting, all this work to do!

Some things accomplished, other things brewing:

– Joined the Austin Time Exchange Network!  Check it out.
– Received a beautiful 1/2 report /visual edit from Chad that I will post on a School (without walls) page very soon!
– Got on board the visioning-for-a-REPURPOSING-RESOURCE-CENTER group.  Evolving out of what was Greater Austin Garbage Arts and pulling in more (and more) powerful potential with strong collaborators, this as yet nameless model for a new way of relating to waste and resources is going to be a beautiful addition to our city in a short time!
– Other synchronistic connections happening that will bear fruit soon, soon.
– Trying to cut down on sugar and yeast. Cool!
– Getting ready for an awesome mini-tour with Night Viking to McAllen, TX, this weekend!
Monday:  Work Party! ! (for building both the Studio and the Theater!) +brainstorming for future projects [–> playhouse made out of ???? bottles?? oh my!]

– Puppet season is right around the corner…
– I started my performance archive!

Next week: Radical new blessings, keeping the ball rolling, and Doctor Clown v.1.something <<<<

Art For Walls

ephemeral galaxies being observed

ephemeral galaxies being observed

Miss Messy's Lasagna

Miss Messy's Lasagna

Chad and I are trying to get a coffee-shop show together.  Here are some examples of my recent work, and some of his (below):