Documenting Change @ RE-aRT

Art for Walls

collages/mix-media art Pieces
are sitting around my house,
waiting to be adopted by someone.

My prices are indecently low.

There is also a bulging pile of
ready to become new art,
(as soon as I

-book a new show and/or clear out some of this old stuff…

Do not hesitate to mention
if you like a Piece!

*I also sell framed prints of some of the           photo-collages                seen on this blog.




Oh I also absolutely adore     Peer Reviews   (absurd/ analytical/ thoughtful), added on to the “Comments” of my blog posts,

because 1- I like to read
and 2- I am kind of like a flower, who needs attention in order to bloom.

I pay for peer reviews (if they took you over 30 minutes to write) in ATEN Hours.


2 responses

  1. bossa screwanova

    donald harington makes pretty good reading for girls i am confident of this for i have done experiments
    he’s dead now
    before he died we were facebook friends and i asked him where he had stuff up and he sent me to tyson hdqrs in springdale
    after i’d heard he’d passed last summer i went back to tyson being nosy
    they’re not used to art tourists at tyson and you have to hang out while they look for someone to ‘guide’ you
    i got two guides heather, and another girl (megan? maybe.. i disremember) who’d actually taken an art history class from harington at u of a
    neither had ever read harington (i pray my earnest exhortation has since changed this)
    in their offices the tysons show a selection of locals, a bunch of dombeck, a wall of classic 80s lithos (diebenkorn francis warhol n such- heather liked the liechtenstein) and a mess of remington bronzes
    heather and megan are into art and they would be more into it if the curatorial mix and the commentary to which they are exposed
    didnt leave them confused
    now while i am in total solidarity with my chicken bros.
    and recognize heather and megan to be evil functuaries of a corporatist death machine
    yet i see their rehabilitation possible
    more later … q

    February 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm

  2. amandahbjones

    This story is really a poem letter. Thank you.

    February 14, 2012 at 1:07 am

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