Documenting Change @ RE-aRT

Took some photos in San Marcos last night

Yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 19th, 2012) had a lot of cartoony details in it.  Like finding a worm in the rice after eating.  Like the smell of moth balls following me everywhere after not even touching them… like the family of skinny deer standing and staring at me.  A big dog ineffectually, repeatedly humping a tiny dog.  A field full of fragrance at night.  And then of course the procession of grown children heading toward a tunnel for an underground concert.  Then all the paranoias, like scorpions, flash-floods, gas leaks.  Music/sound and ambiance so perfect- – snuggling with a cartoon giant.  And finally, the painting-worthy closed Valero station, captured poorly but glowing nonetheless.



This is the cartoon giant (on the right) I found a comfortable place with and listened to George St. John play a song.





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