Documenting Change @ RE-aRT


1. Amanda the artist is gearing up for earth works.  Looking to start carving curves in dirt and moving many many rocks, pruning wild mutant plants, and picking up tiny pieces of trash.

2. Amanda the astrologer just wrote an Introduction.

3. The house is a mess, with papers, notebooks, projects… BUT, I’ve got a good Project Notebook started and proving useful.

4. Chips is outside, enjoying the sun and breeze!

5. Stuff is hovering and Things are poised to change hands in a Spring junk-a-thon.

–     –     –     –      –     –

*   *         *            *      *   *


*   *         *            *      *   *

doorcome on out

for a par-ty par-ty

cleaning up the yard

in the sun, on a saturday!



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