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What is the subject/content/purpose of this blog?

PHOTOS of a place/home through time – changes – movement – domestication v. wildness – trash, art, animals, plants and people.  COLORS and shapes, and sometimes sounds and atmospheric textures, too.

WRITING space, for reflection on the many themes that come up during this life-art evolution process!

NEWS blasts about EVENTS in Austin that Amanda would be concerned with.

I am interested in the potential of blogging as an income-generating activity, but currently its value is as a tool for me to braid together the different projects and threads of my life.

More about AHBJ and my art can be found on the other PAGES.  Please come by whenever you feel like looking through my random pictures and words of the past and present.
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[Mar. 2009]

The other day I had this conversation with my 8- and 9-yr old neighbors.  I told them about this website so they could go see the pictures of themselves.

Patrick said: “That’s a weird name.  Is it about food?”

Me:  “No, ‘breakfast’ is a metaphor.  I chose that word because it’s daily, something you have every day…”

Marina: “And it’s important…”

Me:  “Yeah!”

Their attention then went to something else before I could tell them that synaesthetic refers to synaesthesia, which has to do with correspondences between the senses, such as feeling colors, or seeing music.  Wikipedia defines synaesthesia as

a neurologically based phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

Honestly, I don’t go much for subscribing to labels, especially when it comes to “mental conditions” or whatever.  This definitely wouldn’t be one that is a handicap though, I don’t think, and the constructs can be useful as ideas, anyhow.

{I’ve had an interest and fondness for this term since roughly around the time Flood came out from They Might Be Giants, when my mom and I would listen to The Bobs, an a cappella pop band who had a song about the phenomenon.  A few years later it dawned on me that the color associations I had in my head to letters and numbers were not something everyone shared with me.}

But again, my choice of the word is meant more as a metaphorical trigger.  I want to imply the rainbow feast that is available to the creative mind through making connections This tendency runs rampant in me (and many of the people in my life) and manifests in art-music-dance-theater-costumery, syntax, dream stuff, grassroots organizing, astrological musings, humor – –  (Do you see/hear/smell/feel/know what I mean?)

Anyway, the goal is not TO BLOG.
The goal is for me to use the web-logging structure
(as another might use an Institute of Higher Learning)
as a “place” to post notes while I’m in my creative process, while I am digging around to make a path and create some organization around me, beginning to start “an organization”.

MY CONTRACT =  I will:  [ahem.  updated 12/09]

  1. keep on evolving and focusing my purpose here on earth, as an artist!
  2. exhibit here Recent Photos and their accompanying comments.
  3. apply for a grant to become “Head of Grounds Crew / Physical Plant &  Projects Manager” for
    a Multi-Purpose Experimental Space (for whose Identity I will initiate the Exploring and Communicating ->Defining process) – – it’s part alternative vocational school, part learning laboratory for art or environmental projects, part laboratory for functional alternative to the mainstream economy, part wildlife preserve (how many cats??), and Part Art Wonderland.  Well, how’s that for a goal, sheesh.

So, what do you get to do?

Well, if you are in the neighborhood or want to be, I would love to welcome you in to meet the Grounds and orient you to the Possible Projects in Progress.  Perhaps you have come with some time to volunteer, some skill or inspiration to share, or materials to donate.  Great!  Let’s do a project!

Or, if you are visiting this site and that is all, please feel invited to COMMENT, Offer EDITs or critique, or WHAT IFs.  Be my professor!  Be your own guru self!  Ask a wide-eyed question!  Aesthetically critique/compliment a photo or word choice! Gesundheit!  OR, get academic.  Send a link.  Get on the Board of Trustees.  All of the above!