Documenting Change @ RE-aRT

About ahbj

Amanda h.b. j.  is a photographer.

She absorbed the best of her mother and father,
in order to blossom into a ripe-

__      __      __      __      __      __      __

identity:  Artist

income:  Carpenter / “free-lancer”

friend-group role:  culture-Maker*    *[Favorite modes: Dance-music/performance, installation art/gallery curation, event + “place” creation, puppet shows.]

job at RE-aRT:  Trash-picker-upper, Head of grounds crew

family role:  Sister, daughter, aunt

social tithe:  Volunteer for time exchange organization

aspirations:  Teacher of alternative P.E. etc., learner of how to make the Earth better.

__      __      __      __      __      __      __

Of course, things tend to be fluid rather than unchanging.  But, she is grounded by her home & happiness wellspring, Chad the man and Chips the dog.

She loves working and being creative with others.

Amanda, Chad and Chips


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