Documenting Change @ RE-aRT

Do you to-do List?

Now seeking submissions for an ongoing to-do list gallery. (virtual. here).

I like the scanned piece of paper (or whatever you write on) sent as a jpg of web-quality size (72 dpi), but at least 800 pixels on one of its sides.

Send to collectionrert<>at<>gmail<>dot<>com

Starting, …NOW!



Please  and Thank You.









p.s.  I stole/borrowed the Please and Thank you from mr. chad hopper, my beloved heartmate.
p.p.s.  so, the idea is, I wanna see how+what people write, when they are writing reminders to themselves, be it in a very structured format, or in a more right-brain wabi-sabi way…  If you send, I will post.


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