Documenting Change @ RE-aRT

the School

Did you know that my dream is to have my home environment be a place of community, sharing, working together and making art?

I’m going to start masonry-ing my yards, making curved paths and designs to eventually “hold” garden plots.  Kale! Chard! carrots?!  Fresh veggies and herbals to juice!

Eventually we can have a Tool Library (in the shed; people can sign up to borrow the key/tools).     And a Quiet Parade club.  Neighborhood Trash-picking / Recycled art workshops.  Mask-making that leads up to a dramatic outdoor production / performance.

This time of economic change / values shift / Saturn-Uranus opposition is great for claiming ALL the freedom that you are able to use responsibly.
I’ve been quietly observing my own small downsizing (the recession can be less brutal to someone  who’s already been living on the margins/outskirts of the economy; I’ve been underemployed and under-the-table employed with cheap rent for  the last 5 years), and making squeaking baby steps, “er! er!”, towards becoming what I have come to believe I CAN/MUST be.  One step is this blog — I am writing, and making public my intentions. So,

It’s Official!  Expect a photo of the GOOD BUILDING, and more details, soon.


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